Take the Pledge: Support Trans Youth Now

Take the Pledge: Support Trans Youth Now

Across the country, politicians are working to strip transgender people of our safety, our dignity, and the freedom to be ourselves. Hundreds of bills are being introduced to deny transgender youth and their families the safe schools, strong communities, and loving homes every child deserves. We at the ACLU and our nationwide affiliate network can protect our rights and our freedoms – but we need your help.

The best way to protect transgender youth anywhere is to protect trans youth everywhere – including in your own backyard. We're working to organize our supporters to take action against these bills and show anti-trans politicians that trans people are not alone – that we can defeat their hate with the help our friends, families, and allies. Please join us and take the pledge today

State lawmakers are continuing to introduce wave after wave of these cruel measures – banning trans kids from school sports, denying access to gender-affirming medical care, and even unlawfully threatening to remove adolescents from loving homes solely for having parents who love and affirm them.

Imagine being a kid and having to experience adults in positions of power attacking your right to be who you are and threatening your family, health, safety, and life.

Many trans young people have loving parents, family, and support networks – but some young people are having to go through these terrifying attacks alone. And all trans young people are being subjected to ugly rhetoric, misguided policies, and other dangerous actions perpetrated against them in what is a nationwide attack on transgender rights and lives.

We know that when trans youth don’t have access to support – including gender-affirming medical care – their mental health suffers. That’s why the ACLU is fighting back with every tool in our toolbox. In statehouses and in the courtrooms, we and our nationwide network of affiliates are pushing to stop these bills.

But we also need to ensure that trans youth across the country feel loved and supported as we combat these awful attacks on their safety and civil liberties. That’s where you can make a difference.

Show trans young people that anti-trans politicians are not the only voices speaking out right now and that there are far more people out there who support who they are, who want them to grow up and thrive, and who will not stop fighting for them.

If you are a parent or a guardian yourself – or simply an adult who cares – join us and help us reach 100,000 people strong: Take our pledge to let trans kids everywhere know you’re with them.

Every young person should know they are loved. No child should have to face the level of harmful attacks that are targeting trans youth nationwide right now. That’s why I’m joining ACLU’s pledge in support of all trans young people -- to let them know they are valued and supported by an adult who cares, who trusts they know exactly who they are, and who will not stop speaking out against these cruel attacks nationwide.